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This blog is the public face of the Mindful Living course taught at West Shore Community College. The course is rooted in contemporary scientific research on the relationship between mental discipline and academic success, and presents opportunities to explore self-reflective behaviors through a variety of activities such as meditation, journaling, active listening, memorization, recitation, drawing, body work, outdoor activity, and class discussion. Student contributors to this blog will publish detailed posts that purposefully examine the connections between mindful living, motivation, preparing to learn, and academic performance. We cheerfully invite public comments.

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  1. Comments on meditation:
    My breathing rate seems to slow as the meditation progresses. It was helpful to read about not letting itches and minor discomforts elicit fear responses. It is amazing how even naming fears can release some of their potential for evoking anxiety.
    I have been reading about the idea of personal symbols and their power when expressed in works of art so I am trying to be open to perceiving them during meditation. The three symbols that seemed to present themselves were fetuses, pregnant bellies, and pinwheels. Hopefully, there are more to come.

  2. domkel33 says:

    Minimizing to Maximize

    Minimizing and focusing on the most important things in life is usually preceded by a traumatic event or near death experience. Quite depressive, yet true. Our species, as a whole, must matriculate to appreciate all as one. Do not allow the ego to persuade the mind into judgement. Humans have a desire to not only say “good or bad”, but also to fill every waking moment with some action. So my advice is add this to the “to-do list”. Sit, be still, wait, watch and listen. Become fully engulfed in the surrounding beauty, yet completely open. Become completely consumed and captivated by the intricate, simplicity of life. Minimize the ego to maximize the now.

  3. bryangriffin says:

    Trouble with screen capturing:
    When I press ALT and print screen keys they seem to do nothing. Is anyone else having trouble?

  4. bryangriffin says:

    The figures on the floor.
    I am very new to meditation but it seems to be unlocking some unique doors in my life. My first time meditating i saw the floor rearrange itself. Today i saw a Giraffe and it seemed to be climbing a tree. So far i have noticed some things from meditating. I have noticed I am able to concentrate on what is at hand. For example I am in English Comp 1 and we are required to write a 1600 word essay. In my high school days i struggled to write a five sentence paragraph but now im writing 12-15 sentence paragraphs with ease.

  5. Verity says:

    What sort of body work is done? Just meditation or are other things such as putative energy healing practiced? If so, please share more about such stuff. Interested in it’s uses, effectiveness, safety, and many other concerns….what types are there, what sorts of uses, how is it done….how and under what circumstances is it ethical?

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