The “Big” Destroying Us

The smooth flooring, cold air, stale air filled with the scent of fresh paint. Music plays closely but also from a distance. Abandonment. Error. Small wooden pieces showing an eerie idea of chess. Chess, what an odd game, is it so in our nature to

Chess pieces.

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dominate others that we must have games that do it along with our darkest thoughts and acts? People breathing, I may be contagious. I shouldn’t have done all that touching. Can you Lysol wooden pieces like those intricate chess pieces? Wood. Asymmetric, locking and magnetic. Interesting. Must build, big, go big or go home they say. Can’t you see the “big” destroying us? Sucking the life out of the little man. Big business, big government, and so little to show for it. Abandonment, uselessness, too expensive to repair. Bigger, better, newer, we’ve lost the value of old and simple. Judging – try not to judge. I judge the temperature to be cold, the floor to be smooth, the need to touch nearly inescapable. Where, where do we go from here? Sitting in our nice little corners of Mason County, the bit of horror of decrepitude limited by ourselves. Detroit is in shambles, looks nearly like a war torn third world country. War! We have so much war on our own soil why are we engaging in others so far away? Hunters, hunters in 4 states would make up the worlds largest army. That’s why no-one tries to invade. Big, a big fucking country, too big for our own good. How can so many learn to live together in harmony? Why do kids shoot people? I guess that’s what we are told, its okay to kill in the name of our country, our government.

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