The Grey Day

Marionettes from the Swedish Cottage Marionett...

Image via Wikipedia

(I started at the back of the room and moved forward)
The first image of the ghost stirs fresh in my mind and repulses me. I can’t help but feel that that person meant something to someone once. The images in the table. Feeling the smoothness of the boards with my left hand and not my right still bothers me. Touching the sky and flying on that cold day with those birds. Wanting to read the anecdotes but realizing it would cause me to form a judgment. The dog in the open field . How free he must have felt. The glory of the creator being sung in the once alive but now abandoned church. It hurts in the pit of my stomach. Was the once glorious greyhound building really abandoned? Are buses really going out of style? The images on the chess board…really? I don’t know what to think. I see them as puppets as people being manipulated. A job isn’t supposed to be fun is what someone said to me yesterday (she said that with disdain) . She is one of those puppets.

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