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Mussolini (left) and Hitler sent their armies ...

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Goodbye, my love, goodbye to the school, die Kirche, the place where we used to play. Auf Wiedersehen to the generations to the night life, to all that once was. Whose idea was it to take away a school, the art on the walls now is that of the brotherhood of gangs. And the ghosts still walk the streets. The masked face smiling in the photo was like a taunting child, “Hier ich bin.” It mocked me, as I snapped. It looked so real. And my little white dog-Weiss Hunde- the packs of dogs have overrun the old neighborhood, the only thing that accompanies the ghosts there now. And the cross in the window of the church still shines down on its silent congregation. I can’t look at the blurred photos it hurts my eyes too much. A glimpse of the past they seem to show. Then the chess board sits in the middle where my daddy’s shirts still hang. What happened to those souls? Pushed out by the freeway coming through.

The blocks move and have magnetic things. And the music interrupted the bliss. The old schoolhouse with its hour glasses on the blackboard. Maybe realizing Zeit was running out for it. Yes. Time. (Zeit.) All ran out, too late for those buildings with the shattered glass, and its church where faith sat.

Is this how the towns, and the lives looked that Hitler destroyed?

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I am a puppy raiser, a student, and a composer of words. I also am working on becoming an Orientation and Mobility instructor for the blind and visually impaired.
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