A Little Rain


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I know this place. It’s wierd because I was there for new years and now I am here, at Westshore, and now Detroit is too. Spooky. What does Detroit want to tell me? I spent the bulk of my grade school years living in a trailor park in South Warren. I recognize the tag inside the theatre. KOS: Kings of all Shit. Who would guess that? I remember the gang that used to reside in the trailor park my mom managed. They protected the place. No vandalism, limited crime, there was a sense of community it was OUR trailor park. All of ours. Now- in the last ten years the place went to shit. The city is sick. Michigan is in a bad place right now. But you can’t enjoy the sunshine without a little rain. Without rain nothing can grow. We NEED this time. This is the test. I’m confident Detroit will thrive again. The great thing about a motor is it can be rebuilt. We can rebuild the motor city if we try.

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