Benefiting My Life

Sparklers with a slow shutter speed.

Sparklers with a slow shutter speed.

Meditation has benefited my life in such a short time and in a number of noticeable ways. One of the ways meditation has positively affected my life is that it has allowed me to slow down.

Before I started mediating, my life was very chaotic. I always felt like there wasn’t enough time in the day and found myself stressed out constantly and had some issues with anxiety. Again, since starting meditation just only a month ago, not only have I found that I’m able to slow things down, but I feel less stress on my shoulders. When things are spiraling out of control, I can see that and slow things down and take things one at a time. By doing this it has almost completely eliminated the anxiety that has been an issue in my life for so long. I’m able to get more accomplished in a day and I’m able to do it with a more positive attitude. I’m grateful for meditation and I’m glad it’s now a part of my life.

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