Tim Burton Exhibit Entrance

Tim Burton Exhibit Entrance

Going to the art gallery right after meditating for 15 minutes was really interesting. The thing I really noticed was how enhanced my senses were, mainly my hearing and smell which I don’t really notice or pay attention to usually unless it’s really strong. But during this time it was just…there. The new art gallery smell and even the smells before entering the gallery…like the still new smell of the building. Perfumes/colognes students had on was more apparent as well. I could hear people and professors talking in classrooms that weren’t so close by and people walking especially. As we came to the gallery, the colors in the room seemed so vibrant, much more than usual. The blacks and whites in the photos seemed to be much more contrasted allowing the pictures to become even more powerful and beautiful than they already are. Of everything in the gallery the photos stuck out to me the most of all. I’m unsure as to whether it’s because the photos were like a dark wall in a light room or because I’m just in love with photography….probably a little of both. Despite the apparent bleakness the photos were showing, I found the artistic style and the use of color and subjects the artist used to be absolutely wonderful. Everything came together in such a way that they tell a story, show some sort of despair, but in the end make something absolutely beautiful. The next thing I came across was this thing with two buttons, press one button a circle with an abstract image of what could be whatever your mind makes it out to be playing a broken, distorted, music like from an old music box. Press the second button same type of music, same type of image with some slight differences in both. Press both buttons and The room was filled with this mixture of distorted and somewhat haunting music. Even though I found this piece to be really interesting and different and I liked being able to hear something else besides silence, the music reminded me of something that would be in a scary movie or suspense film involving a child going through some sort of hell. The chess board was also my favorite. I loved how different it was. How the pieces were carved, bizarre kind of Tim Burton-esque qualities. I especially loved how you could play with them, as in turning a handle and the piece would do something unique like popping up or opening. The sounds they made as you turned a gear, the sounds of the intricate workings that each piece made. The last piece was the deep blue and purple puzzle with the magnetic pieces. I didn’t really understand it…but it kind of reminded me of a maze. My thought when playing with this piece was to line up the puzzle in such a way that it made a path and then the magnetic pieces that were kind of like that of people were supposed to follow the made path to the end. It was fun seeing other people playing with it, trying to figure it out as well. Everyone seemed to enjoy that one. Overall, the after meditation gallery experience was a fun and interesting one. Probably the most interesting thing was when we were about to leave, one person left and I followed and then gradually a few more. And you could see everyone still entrapped with everything but instead of looking to see they just seemed to kind of sense those leaving. It was very interesting to notice and see that without even saying anything, people can just know.

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