Tampa stadium Demolition

Image via Wikipedia

The noise of the machines digs into my brain. Not painful, just stuck there.

Images sear my brain. The hurt. The despair. I feel the loneliness. I feel the emptiness. I feel abandonment. The buildings are forgotten to the families who  once inhabited them and are just a memory that is almost like a dream. I imagine the life that once was there.

I remember my old houses and the way they smelled. Each family has its own smell that lingers long after they are gone. Did those families smell sweet, or were they unclean and filthy? I wish to know there stories, why they left, but I never will. They are long gone, like so many things. Gone like Lee. Gone like my Aunt Eleanor. Gone. Vanished. Now all that remains of their lives there are the empty buildings they used to used to be parts of their lives. And now those are ready for demolition.

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