Working for the Weekend


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I work at Hansens Foods in Hart. I have days where I feel like yelling at my customers and then stomping out the front door, and then going home to curl up and read a book. Meditation has helped me a lot with my anxiety and anger issues. I still have trouble with it sometimes, but I can see a difference. On Saturday I had to work 12-6. We had a big sale going on. I knew that I was going to get a bunch of customers coming through my line with the wrong brand and then blaming me for not letting them get the sale price. I had a certain customer that came up with mushrooms that they thought were supposed to be 69 cents, but it was the other brand. I even went back to check for them and grabbed the wrong ones. Somehow it was still my fault. I was surprised that all I had to do was take a clearing breath before I felt more at ease and less irritated. Even though I ran into quite a few snags that day, I didn’t let it get to me. I knew that if I could just remain focused, I would be alright.

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