Being Sick With Meditation

For the longest time I have always let my emotions get the best of me. Not even just emotions, sensations as well. Everything I feel, whether good or bad, is the end all be all. I am very in the moment with what I feel. That moment for me is my lifetime which only amplifies the negativity or positivity of the sensations. Obviously, this is a problem in dealing with negative aspects of my life.

In meditation when a negative sensation infiltrates our tranquility we are taught to become aware of it, but not to judge it, and eventually it passes. Everything passes.

I have always known this simple truth, but I suppose I have never really acknowledged it. Easier said than done, excuse the cliche. Although, it truly is cliche for a reason.

Recently I had a twenty four hour bout with the stomach flu. A miserable case of the stomach flu. I was going to die, or so I had convinced myself at the time. As I was curled up in desperation on the floor of my bathroom I came to the realization that I was not going to die. I realized that I will eventually crawl out of the state that I was in. This was a powerful epiphany. In this discovery I was able to acknowledge my misery, but in knowing that it would pass I gained the ability to let it go. I could accept it and move on.

I have used this strategy since, and found it to be continuously successful. However, as far as stress and emotional matters, I have much more difficulty. Regardless of the difficulty, I have made progress.

So, in short, meditation has made my life, and is making my life, significantly better.

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