Mercury and Silk

I remember a time when the lake was like mercury. It rested in a thick blackness – darker than the sky had ever been. I stood there breathing and looked as every constellation joined to dance at the waters edge. My feet were sunken into the cold wet sand – intimate and heavy. I wanted badly to enter this lake so that I could feel the stars twirl around my waist – but I didn’t. It would have broken something. Some trust I shared with this night. So instead I looked again as the sand kissed the dark like honey against ink. Teasing and sudden. The moon began to appear. I stood up – fearful that the scene would change. As I walked back towards the road – away from the liquid and celestial waltz, I thought of the soft and silken perfection. And promised my shadow beside me that I would not soon forget this night.


About hanahrose

Student at West Shore Community College.
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