Cursive: and why it’s hard

I have to force my self to write in cursive. They gave us the choice in about fourth grade. I chose printing and I stuck with it. For ten years I wrote in only print. My print handwriting is terrible. It is often considered illegible; some times I even have trouble deciphering the mess.

But it’s faster for me. I have all these thoughts, that need to make it to paper for one reason or another and I rush to get them there. With cursive I have to think about the letters shape for one. And then I have to get the distance between the letters right. And if I mess up, oh shit, its in pen and it’s the whole word. So I must be mindful of every stroke of the pen.

I have tried to write cursive notes, cursive song lyrics, and even cursive events on the calendar. It is nice to look at. Much better than the print. But when I need to get ideas on paper in a hurry, I can’t do so if I am using cursive. My “problem” (I use problem for lack of a better word) is that I am more worried about the actual thought, rather than how it looks on my paper. This is especially true with poems and songs. In that type of writing it matters what word I choose, exactly which one, and how do I punctuate; exactly where. The ideas just come to me in a flood when I am doing dishes or taking a shower. I have had so many potentially “good starts” evaporate into nothingness because I failed to write them down soon enough. I was loosing the flow, and had already forgotten a couple parts to the song I began in cursive. So I switched pack to print half way through.

I still practice cursive. I imagine as I become reacquainted with cursive I will be able to use it more fluently. It is a lot more legible than my print, and It would be good to have other people be able to read the words I wrote. Cursive is very mindful for me. I have to think about the next curve and the next curve. If i think too fast, which i often do, I begin running words together, skipping letters, skipping entire words, and smearing all over. The thing is i have two task at once. Make pretty letters and make my thought make sense. It’s hard to do two things at once.

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