The Importance…

“Sloooooow dowwwnnn”. I really feel like that’s what cursive forces me to do – slow down. I reflect on my life a lot, and how fast it has gone by. Everyday seems long, the months seem long, and then when they have passed, you seem to ask yourself, “Where did they go?”. I am so guilty of taking for granted the simple things in life. Often times, I forget to call my mother for whatever excuse I have for getting caught up in my day to day life. I feel like one day I know I will regret those times I never called her. I feel like by slowing down, I can appreciate things in life in a way I never have before.

When I write in cursive, I tend to get frustrated. My n’s turn into m’s and I feel annoyed that I can’t write as fast as the ideas are popping into my head. John, I am sorry, but sometimes it’s really hard for me to get down everything I am thinking because I don’t want to forget my ideas, so sometimes I write in print. I have horrible, disgusting penmanship. When I write in cursive, it’s pretty and legible and I feel good about my handwriting. That’s why it is so sloppy though because ideas just keep popping into my head. By forcing myself to write in cursive, I have to force myself to remember the ideas that flow through. I have to force myself to slow down.

By forcing myself to retain information like so, I feel like it helps me develop a sense of concentration. I have to multi-task, making sure I get every letter perfect and while making sure my ideas are intelligent; well thought out. Sometimes, every so often, I stumble over my words in my speech. I just think so fast, that by forcing myself to slow down, I can realize the importance in what really is and what really isn’t.


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Life is a beautiful journey.
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