What else my Cursive says

It has been difficult getting into cursive again, though I have used it on and off since second grade. I actually enjoy it, it quickly gets my thoughts out, it looks pretty. This is enhanced with the fountain pen which I really enjoy. I will be purchasing something more than the disposable ones but they work great for the everyday out of my purse writing.

Writing in cursive in my fountain pen actually makes me want to journal more. Plus I can tell a lot about the journal entry from my cursive. The details of my cursive are like body language, it conveys so much more information than just the words do themselves. I can see where I was really caring about form, and when I just had to get the words out of me. I can tell when I was tense or loose in my writing, which gives me an indication of whether I have dug deep enough into a subject. I can tell when I have hit that honey spot in my writing, the point where something has clicked in my head, it shows in the slant, and the loops, and the size of the period. I know that most people would not be able to tell that by looking at my journal entries but I can, it shows me that my words have value, and are something more than letters connected together; they even more than the thought that carried them to the paper, and they are more than what someone else will read. All those extra feelings and motivations are there, under the surface of my writing, under the surface of the word in cursive. My cursive writing carries the raw depth that print cannot not.

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