As the Ink Gently Flows

Magnified line drawn by a fountain pen

Magnified line drawn by a fountain pen

The pen caresses the page leaving a record of my thoughts, feelings, ideas, and observations. I feel the vibration of the pen and see the ink leaving a mark on the pages. The marks are words.  I try to form the words carefully on the page. I am mindful of each movement and even the color of the ink I use.

When I was a child we had a room that functioned as an office just off the kitchen. It had pens, paper, and a small desk. In the pen holder was a fountain pen. Sometimes that was the only pen in the holder and, oh, how I hated it, when that happened. The pen never wrote correctly or would bleed on my paper. I was mortified when I found out that we had to use a fountain pen for class. All the childhood memories of that stupid pen came tumbling back. The frustration and even anger I had felt flooded my brain. So on the first day of writing with a fountain pen, I wrote the following…

So I decided to give fountain pens another chance although I have preferred a good gel pen of late. When I was a kid, fountain pens were a nuisance for me as they glopped up and just generally were something I hated to use. Although, I think I still like my gel pens, I thought I would give one of these monsters a try. Nothing annoys me more than when my pen overflows onto the page and leaves globs of ink. I also decided, being a very left-handed, right-brained person, it would be better to have lined paper for one aspect of my journal as I already have a drawing pad for the other aspect. I found this really cool paper made of sugarcane.  I tend to try to be mindful of saving trees. I’m still not convinced a fountain pen is right for me. The hiccups I am encountering are a bit annoying. I do like this paper though. I like the feel of it.

Since that first day I have written with nothing but a fountain pen. Mindfully forming each word. Awareness of the color of the ink and how I hold the pen. The ink flows gently as the pen caresses the page. No globs of ink hanging out on my page anymore. Unless I hesitate in a thought or word. Sometimes being mindful is picking a quiet corner to do my writing. The ink flows gently as I take time for myself. The ebb and flow of the words work like the waves of the lake. They bring peace to my mind. It comes easy most of the time like a form of meditation, emptying myself onto the page as the ink gently flows.

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