Falling in love with cursive and pens, and writing all over again…

Learning to write in cursive… In elementary school they told us we would have to write in cursive in Junior High. When the time came around, and we were in Junior High, we learned our elementary teachers were wrong. I threw away the teachings of cursive and adopted printing instead. It seemed faster. By the time high school came, I was filling entire notebooks with fantasy stories. At some point my hands began to cramp up from an old wrist injury. So I took it one step further, and started typing everything on a computer, but that became inconvenient because I didn’t always have a notebook or computer around when I needed one. That, and the degrading words of one of my writing teachers stifled the fires of flying dragons and wizards casting sells. I simply quit writing. Since I’ve started the cursive and notebook, and fountain pens again, I find myself hesitantly jotting down my ideas again. I like writing cursive now, I like this notebook, I love this pen.

About ldpuprazr

I am a puppy raiser, a student, and a composer of words. I also am working on becoming an Orientation and Mobility instructor for the blind and visually impaired.
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