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The thoughts cloud my mind. Simple tasks over-power what I need to do, what I have to accomplish. The stress rolls around my body and takes my hand. I am an easily stressed person, especially since I have tendencies to push away what I have to deal with in the now.  (Repression, perhaps?) Why can’t I face what I need to accomplish? And why does this make me feel bad about myself? I remind myself that there are others like me out there, struggling to accomplish their minor day to day life tasks, and it makes me feel better knowing that I am not the only one in this world who is going through this….it makes me feel alright again–temporarily.

These thoughts come back to haunt me at night–when I am most alone. There is nothing to distract me. There is no one to talk to. My mind wanders. My worries become prevalent. The hand of stress reaches out, and I accept. My body reacts. My eyes cannot shut. Did I do everything I wanted to do today? No, of course not. How well am I reaching my goals in life? Not very.  (Remember, “slow and steady will eventually get you there”…won’t it?)

Hours pass by, and I realize I need sleep to perform well, to accomplish my tasks that are important to me. So I imagine a path.  Along this path, I see the tasks, my goals, the people in my life, and I note them, and I let them go. This path is a slow, dimly lit, relaxing path. I observe and realize the more I accomplish, the happier I feel, and the happier I will be. The objects that feed my insomnia are let go, and I am on the path to dreamland. I know that all good things take time, and eventually what needs to happen will.

This is a technique I have used to help me deal with sleep problems I have been experiencing lately due to stress. I have incorporated meditation, and it has worked really well for me. I wouldn’t have thought to do this if it wasn’t for Mindful Living, and I am very thankful I have learned certain meditation techniques to help my mind relax at night. By incorporating this I have also learned to deal with the stress in healthier ways, rather than repressing those certain emotions which trigger them.

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