Memorization and the Abstract in my Mind

Memories from the palace

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I have always been frustrated with my poor memory, and envious of my brother’s ability to remember even the most minute details from many years back with what seemed little effort. To memorize things for school I must go over and over and over them, in a list like form and then I write them down in order on paper before I even start a test. All of my brain power must go into the holding on of that information, I cannot even really do anything with it until I can see it physically. One of my greatest frustrations in life has been in dealing with abstract things. I simply cannot envision much in my head without seeing it. I cannot read a book and form great pictures without looking up a real picture as a base to build upon in my imagination.

I am liking trying the loci method of meditation, but it’s not coming easy, and I had to spend a great deal of time on my mental map.  However, I can see it working, helping at the very minimum.  I was surprised that when John showed me his mental map, I was able to remember more information about the topic we were studying just using his map, walking through his mental house.  I hope with practice and time I will get better at this and am thankful that I have been shown how to do this. With the amount of information I need to be able to remember and pull out of my head for my intended career, this will be a great asset while trying to attain the education I need and for when I am on the job.

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