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I was meditating the other day when I thought of a metaphor for life. In meditation there is a time after all the frantic thoughts have been waded through and the less frantic and less frantic etc… when everything becomes very still… the air and your body temperature seem to be at equilibrium…your pain, wherever it resides, has momentarily ceased. The feeling is comfort, complete and total comfort. We have these moments of comfort in life as well. When all the bills are paid, there is money left in the bank, work is going well, social relationships are flourishing, and intimate relationships are sound. What I realized can be expressed as: When you notice that you have become comfortable, check you’re posture.

What I mean is when life gives you a break, stay sharp. Comfort is great but it should not be abused. It is in these moments of comfort that we should be conscious of our technique. If we are simply aware we can refine ourselves and make any changes necessary to be the best you possibly can. Just make sure to keep up on the little details that brought you the comfort in the first place. It is too easy to look at the current situation and assume it is permanent. If we work really hard to get things comfortable, keep working that hard. Don’t start slacking off all of the sudden due to the fallacious logic that you can “afford” to do so. Moments of comfort can make us feel as though everything is perfect; “I finally got the hang of this”. But if we become lax in our posture when faced will no immediate challenges, we will inevitably become lax in our focus. A momentary lax in focus, poorly timed, can be fatal. If the phrase “what doesn’t kill, you makes you stronger” is true, is it perhaps also true that “what doesn’t make you stronger, kills you”?

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