Education and Meditation

It’s do or die.
Revolution is not inevitable.
It’s systematically being aborted.
The news is turning your brain to vegetables,
Paramount, MTV, fuckin’ Viacom in general.
Listen up soldiers,
because my message is not subliminal.
I don’t promote violence;
but I am one prepared individual.
Because if you don’t…
you’ve already sealed your fate,
with no means to defend your family
in a military state
of emergency. Surely you see
that all they need is one crisis
to tighten the vices;
and we all know crisis entices vices,
suffice it to say drug dealer might like this.
But so will corrections corp
as the prison industry becomes more private.
Come on kid,
you gotta look inside this.
The picture is in HD now. It’s Highly Defiant.
Social media forever changed the political environment.
Facebook spawned a revolution
that no one is dying in.
It’s just a matter of time until it’s Americas time again.
To overthrow the 1% and re-decide who is deciding shit.
The market is a prison;
since bailouts and freedom have become synonymous.
Too big to fail?
Corruption seems all too obvious.
The author of this rhetoric…
is long since anonymous.
They said this was capitalism
but that’s just preposterous.
Its imperialism.
Uncle Sam was just an alias.

About summerstim

Ask Facebook they know....
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