A Spiritual Journey

The first weeks of class were the beginning of something big for me.  Perhaps a revelation.  I was learning to meditate in class.  I have become fascinated with Buddhism.  As a Bahai’ I have learned that we each have a spiritual path to walk.  We learn to respect others and their own paths.  I spent many years studying the Bible before I was a Bahai ‘ and even went to a Nazerene University for a semester.  There I learned how to judge people and that I had to wear only certain clothes and think only a certain way.  I went through a kind of brainwashing.  I no longer follow organized religion.  I have read many of the Bahai’ writings and studied the Muslim faith.  When I was married I was introduced to the Native American path.  It is simple and peaceful.  During the beginning of this class a woman called my business wanting a catsitter.  We went to her house for the initial interview.  I was totally blown away.  She is Buddhist and told me to help myself to any books I would like to read while I stayed there.  I spent a few nights reading the story of the Buddha.  It is beautiful and fascinating as we have learned in class.  At work I met a coworker who is Buddhist.  I shared my experiences with him and we have become friends now.  The creator has set me on a journey and I am sure my study of Buddhism has just begun.

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