Life’s Simple Revelations

Whistler's Mother

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I think on how my life has changed with mindful living class.  It has given me a sense of peace and forgiveness of self.  With my health being bad these last few months, I have learned to wake up in the morning and look at life and say I am going to be well today.  I use meditation in every aspect of my life.  I use it to center myself when a stressful situation arises.  I use it to help myself go to sleep at night.

I live with my ninety two year old mother.  Her mental capabilities are good, with just a little confusion sometimes.  Night time is bad for her.  Repeating herself is her biggest problem.  She does not remember sometimes if she told me that story already.  So I must listen to it again and again.  When I talk to her my voice has been exceptionally quiet from my illnesses.  I often have to repeat myself several times.  I used to lose my patience with her and she would feel it or I would talk so loud it sounded like I was yelling.  The biggest change mindful living has done for me is my patience is much better.  I cherish the stories now.  I shut my door and go breath and meditate when I become frustrated.  I have learned to be thankful for every day with her.  I feel I was born to do this job of being with mom and take care of her.  That came to me in one of our meditations in class.  Its funny how when you begin to examine your life how simple thing can become.

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