Living With a Mystery Illness

It started in December with a sinus infection.  I spent 2 days in the emergency room 2 days before Christmas.  They  told me it was a severe sinus infection.  They got the pain under control and gave me something for the nausea and sent me home.  I slept for 6 days.  Christmas was very quiet.  My daughter bought me a little artificial tree which was very pretty.  It cheered us all up and I look forward to having it for years to come.  I went back to work a week later.   But wellness was not going to stay with me.  I went to the emergency room with yet another sinus infection and went back on antibiotics for the third time.  I worked the days that I could and made it to class when I could. The rest of my days from March until two weeks were spent sleeping.  I went to my regular doctor and he could not name what I have.  I finally went to an allergy specialist and he said I have asthma and inflamed sinuses.  Yes these were part of the source of my illness.  I saw another physician for the hormone changes in my life and have begun to balance the hormones in my body.  I felt well enough to return to work last week finally.  The illness has no name.  It is a combination of things.  I will see 2 or 3 more specialists and maybe get to the bottom of things. 

How does all this fit in with minful living?  I have learned to forgive myself for being ill.  I take one day at a time.  I think things through more thoroughly now.  I have learned to research things and decide how I am going to take the next step. I have learned to sit down and memorize things now.  I examine how to do my steps in jewelry making much closer.  I  am giving myself permission that I will be well soon and may return to college if things continue in a upward spiral.  I know there will be days of falling back as I spent today with a migraine at home from work.  But things can only get better.

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