Dwelling in the World

I feel refreshed. The wind was blowing up against my face – I didn’t mind. The trickles of rain felt comforting. Every thing around me was in its place. The birds were loud with song, the trees were swaying and we were just visitors, intruding on their little world. I noted their presence and I feel like we almost expect them to be there. The grass was wet with rain and I was almost barefoot. Grass, leaves and sticks gathered and stuck to the tops of my feet, but I was okay with that. They are apart of nature – apart of this world – and I am too. I felt like I carried my body a little bit different than I normally do. I am usually walking with a fast pace. Always in a hurry to get somewhere, even if I don’t have any where to be. While we were walking, I slowed things down and noted which leg was going in front of the other. I feel like this helped me be more observant; more mindful. By observing this I came to a few realizations. I feel like I am able to view the world, not only because of the walk, but because of this class in a new perspective. I feel like in this world, we dwell. Living in the present is much more important than dwelling on certain areas of life. The animals were following instinct, they were being themselves.


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Life is a beautiful journey.
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