A walk in the rain

The air was cool. Just barely tolerable. I could feel the softness of the grass under my feet. My back felt fine in the field. I can smell the fresh spring rain. The real deal is much more appealing than the crappy candle. It was in the field that i heard the birds. Frantic. Different birds made mating calls in the distance. The vehicles are all around. On the road I hear tires hitting pavement in the distance. In the parking lot I hear them as well. The truck was the loudest. The fence is hard and rough. Aged by the elements, moss began growing years ago and continues to give character to the fence. As we began our decent down the grassy I am ever mindful of the different physical elements that burden me. The hill is steep and wet. My shoes are worn, I have had them since high school. I wore these shoes when I was a pool monitor. I step deliberately; minding the fact I must turn my feet so as to prevent a fall. The cement is hard on my feet. I feel the pain return to my back. My neck still hurts. I am still cold. The cool part of this experience is that Nicki is here with me. We both enjoy this and we get to experience it all together.I love her so much that it’s unreal. She is everything I could ever ask for in a woman. She understands me, and I understand her. I feel as though I have found my soul mate. We are kindred spirits. I know because I felt a shift in the universe. Everything started to fall into place once we got together. Shit just seems to work out now. It was not that way before. I am so thankful for the life we have together.


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