A Slow Walker Living in a Fast Paced Society

What gloomy weather. I dislike it. I enjoy rain but I enjoy a warm rain. When it suddenly rains on a partly sunny day, that’s the best. That to me is beautiful. Today though, it’s just dark, sad, and cold. The parking lot pavement is soaked with rain. We walk in a line following John, makes me feel like a child again.

Some feet scrape against the cement, heavy with the weight of shoes. There’s a light rain still. It hits my glasses. Tink..tink..tink. I focus on my walking. The way my feet arch, how I lift my leg, the way I shift my body. I never realized walking was such a task. I remember what John said earlier, that in order to move forward you have to fall. I think about how that idea couldn’t fit my life more. We approach a hill, covered in newly greened grass. Freshly washed with the rain. We begin to walk up. The wetness from the grass and puddles soak through to my socks. My feet quickly become damp and cold. As we reach the top, we come to a short wooden fence. One by one we climb over. I feel like I must have looked silly. The way I jutted forward, like some type of bird or something. We continued walking. Our feet scraping against the wet grass, our shoes soaking. Eventually we stopped. Facing the woods in the distance. I heard birds singing. They sounded cheerful. Enjoying their bath in the fresh rain, happy that it isn’t snow. The wind makes it way through the trees, giving them a slight sway. Eventually it reaches where we stand. It gives me a chill. We continue walking again, making our way back to the fence. We come across a huge patch of lightly colored mud. Many try to avoid it, I decide to walk right through. Squish! Dirty shoes, oh well. The grass up ahead is sopping, I scrape my feet a little to try and get some mud off. As we come up to the fence again, I notice how the color of the fence compliments the bright green of the grass. I look across the way and see a bright red truck in the distance also complimenting the surrounding colors. I wish I had my camera. We climb back over and begin to head down. A slight worry hits me for a moment. I think what if I fall because this downward, grassy hill is soaking wet. I go slowly. Really focusing on the way I position myself. We reach the pavement again. Cars are coming and going and the school building buzzes with noise. In the distance, a delivery van sits. Loud music is faintly heard. A man walks quickly from the building and opens the door to the van. The loud music rushes out and hits my ears, shocking me “awake”. It irritates me. We are still walking to the doors of the building. The man in the van drives somewhat toward us, trying to make his

leave. I look over and I try to see his face, it seems like he might be irritated. In a hurry. He drives off in a rush. We reach the doors. I notice a hairband on the ground. A remnant of something forgotten or lost. Or, maybe the person saw it drop but was also in such a hurry, picking it up would have been to much of a bother.

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