Mindful walking

The discussion in the room… mindful surroundings, walking sounds… each other? Walking out the doors in single file… no en masse. Holding the doors for one another. Waiting until everyone is out the door. No, I feel my daughter’s energy. Too close. We have truly become seperate beings, and yet are still part of each other. O, thank the creator, I feel my singleness, and now I see the ground. Poor worms are out in force getting squished. Wait… one that’s alive! A giggle as Heather asks, “Mom should I move him?” I nod and she goes back. Mindful now, of the ground. Puddles. More worms. The green grass, I step sideways up the hill so as not to slip. We get to the top, I turn around, a classmate is left behind. I wait. Slowly I turn and walk. Sometimes alone, sometimes I find my daughter at my side. Deer scat, she points our. I step carefully so as not to get wet. I see a newly budding bush. Earlier as we came out the doors I wanted to skip. Yeah it’s spring! We’re ourdoors, fresh air, springtime, freedom! The birds are skippin gin their voices happy for spring. They seem to be singing in urgency, “We need to build the nests, there are worms aplenty, hurry, hurry, hurry, the babies are coming, everything is clean!” I notice the new buds on the trees as we stop, the ground is green all around with new grass. The many birds continue to sing louder now as we are close to their trees. The teacher heads back and I take the road less travelled. I want to hear the mud squish under my shoes. We stop, I sink in the brown glorious squishy mud. We walk along the fenceline. Wait, someone dropped candy. No it’s these cool mushrooms. I somehow catch up with the class. Hana picks up a bird’s nest. How cool is that? We get to the borrom of the hill. Our classmate is behind, as we puddle jump. I turn and  go back to see if she needs help. It is in my nature as a caretaker to be aware and help others. We walk back. I don’t care if I am last. Heather is moving worms again. I refrain from giggling. We get back to class. My nose is running. Again, thank the creator I can take off my shoes before my feet get wet. My nose is running. I notice the dampness in my shoes in my shoes creeping in. My wonderful cotton socks with Golden Retrievers on them. I wipe my nose after madly searching for a kleenex, and sit down to write.

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