Mindful walking

As you sit on the pavement awaiting your death. The mangled bodies of your friends lying around you. A perfect mosaic of life lost. But then! You are airborne, a silent rescue helicopter has come to save you. As you suddenly struggle to get away, your body made up of a thousand neurons and not much else. Did you want to commit suicide? You are placed in a lake of grass alongside the road. Why did you come out just to be murdered? Was it because staying in your hole as it flooded would have meant suicide anyway? Today I saved a life.
The horses watch us as we walk. Is it fair to say someone’s always watching us?
The deer walk here,where we’re walking now. The person walking next to me taught me how to tell. How to b quiet. When mirroring the earthworm is all my own neurons long to do. She taught me to walk through a forest almost unheard. Being mindful of where you place your feet, as to avoid a twig, or newly formed moss, or to avoid less murder.
Oh plastic cup how did your grave come to be here? Wouldn’t  someone come to dig you out of your earthly tomb, to be made anew? Didn’t the person who threw you so carelessly away, understand you’re not biodegradable?

About ldpuprazr

I am a puppy raiser, a student, and a composer of words. I also am working on becoming an Orientation and Mobility instructor for the blind and visually impaired.
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