Anger Vs. Sadness

Meditation’s biggest impact on my life was introspection. I feel like I know myself better now than I ever did before. I used to only really know two parts of myself: the happy me and the angry me. There was a fine line between the them and I could barely tell when I was about to cross it. During meditation I would feel the emotions arise and instead of getting angry, I would look closer and see that most the time I wasn’t angry, I was actually hurt, tired, indifferent  or heartbroken. I never knew there was such a difference between these emotions. They all were just categorized as anger. I still sometimes jump to anger first, but now I can back up and see that I am not angry. It makes letting people know how I feel much simpler and I have an easier time getting close to people because I am letting them know how I feel now, because I am not blowing up.

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4 Responses to Anger Vs. Sadness

  1. Harnew says:

    I just wrote a piece centering around anger. Your post was a suggested link. I read it and I think it is highly appropriate given the theme. I am linking your post and hope my traffic become yours. I just started blogging and would like to know other bloggers in the wordpress community.

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