Cursive Handwriting

When done correctly, cursive can be beautiful. The words seem to flow onto the page. There is an art to cursive writing that I have not mastered and probably never will. I find the pen turning in my hand to make scratching noises on the page. They distract me. I feel that everyone can hear them. I find myself so concentrated on writing the letters correctly that I spell things wrong often. A lot of the time I can’t read my own cursive writing because I am trying to write too fast. I have not had enough practice to be able to write fast at all. I find that I can lose my train of thought before I can get them down on paper.

When I write in cursive correctly, it is very nice. It relaxes me. I find myself wanting to write more things in cursive, though I try not to write things for other classes in cursive just because I would much rather the teacher be able to read my work. I enjoy writing in cursive after meditating. It feels right. Printing would seem too choppy after meditating. Though I have a hard time reading my own cursive handwriting, I do enjoy it sometimes.

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1 Response to Cursive Handwriting

  1. syllabarymaster says:

    Here is some information on writing cursive. It would seem to be a natural form of writing for meditation.

    Click to access cursive-first.pdf

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