Desire vs. Logic

I want a candy bar. A kind sized Snickers would be really nice right now. I don’t need it. I don’t need anything actually. I had a good breakfast, I am full. I don’t need food at all. But I want it. This is illogical. Why should I want something I don’t need? Something that isn’t even good for me. Desire.

Desire is a distraction. Desire is nothing that your life would actually be bettered by. Desire is a luxury in the highest sense. A luxury because only when you have all that you need can you begin to desire. To want something merely for the sake of having it. The problem is that humans have an incredible ability to reason anything. We can reason that we need a candy bar. I have. We can reason that we will be happier if we can just get a little more money, a newer car, a bigger house with two bathrooms so showers can last as long as we want without inconveniencing anyone. We can reason murder. But if we stop and evaluate what we really need in our lives, we can to begin to understand the difference between things we merely desire and what we actually need to better our lives.

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