I didn’t get used to it, by the way.

I am tired, but awake. It is strange. I can see how one would easily become addicted to percoset. I haven’t slept like that in a very long time. And i fell into it so easily. It was a heavy kind of sleep. Not like Nyquil though… that is scary heavy. You wake up under it and feel like you’re under a boulder. Your arms can’t move, if you can even find them. I couldn’t. And the twitching. All night long, restless body fidgeting around. And in the morning, still tired. But this was different. Pressure released. You feel the weight of yourself as the stress leaks out and then, calmly, you are rocked gently to sleep. No nausea this time either. The first time was awful, when I had to stay awake but the pain just wouldn’t stop without it. Spins like mad unless my head was on the floor… but my head had to be in a toilet. Spins. But I suppose that happens when an antibiotic and a painkiller work together. Just the percoset, unfortunately, that I could get used to.

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