Just Breathe

I tend to get mad really easily. My parents fight a lot, so I am used to having to argue to get my point across. I fight with my family all the time. A way that meditation has helped me is by letting me take a moment to just breathe so that some of my anger will just slip away.

I got home after school one day before my brother got off the bus. I had been on the Xbox for about 15 minutes when he walked through the door and told me to get off because he wanted to play. My first reaction was to get angry. I almost yelled at him that I had only been on for a little bit and he couldn’t just order me off. I stopped myself from saying anything and just took a deep clearing breath. Most of the anger seemed to float away as I exhaled. I then calmly told him that I would not be on too long and that he could play when I was done. He said, “Alright.” I was amazed that by just taking a breath I could avoid a whole entire argument.

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