Meditation and my education

Meditation has helped get me in the mindset that I can sit and do something without having to do other things at the same time. I never thought about how I multitask all day and never really do something with my entire attention. Usually I watch TV, eat, and do homework at the same time. I find it tiresome to eat at the table when I could be somewhere else in the house doing something at the same time.

Now I am getting better at paying attention in class. Instead of listening partially to the teacher while thinking about other things I have to do, I try to focus only on the class and what I have to do in that class period. There is no use worrying over anything else while I am there. There is nothing I can do about it at the moment anyways. Meditation opened me up to the idea that I don’t have to do fifty things at once. I can live my life better if I focus on one thing at a time. I never thought that I could sit still and concentrate for so long, but now I am surprising myself even more.

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