The technique for memorizing quickly that we learned in class did really well for me. I think that it should be taught regularly in schools. It seemed to work for almost everyone in class. By visualizing yourself walking through somewhere and seeing memorable items, it can help trigger your memory so that you know what line comes next.

When I was memorizing the poem in class, I visualized myself in my bathroom for part of it. I imagined a ring on the sink to signify the line about marriage. For the next line, I imagined blush on the mirror where my cheeks were reflected to help me remember the bashful line. The next line I imagined a head falling from the ceiling to help me remember the line about lowering my head. I have always been able to memorize things quickly. I got a lot of practice from being in so many plays, but this technique still helped me. I think I will try it when I have to learn my lines next.

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