Mindful Living Practices

There have been quite a few things that I have learned from this class that I can put to use in my life. One of the things I learned was to name emotions. A lot of the time I feel things I don’t understand because I never take the time to figure out what it is I am feeling. It makes it really hard to let go of an emotion when you don’t know what emotion it is. When we did the meditation where we laid on the floor and “died,” I thought that what I was feeling was sorrow. After I kept feeling it, I slowly realized that it wasn’t sorrow, it was fear. There is so much uncertainty when it comes to death. How will I die? Will I go to Heaven? Is there really a Heaven? Will I see my loved ones? I realize now that I shouldn’t be a walking ball of confused emotions. I need to get to know myself better.

Another thing I learned is that, if I sit still and don’t judge, I can ignore pain and it will lessen. At the beginning of the class My back constantly hurt. As the semester went on I got better at acknowledging the pain I was feeling without letting it control me. If I let myself adjust, the pain will keep coming back.

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