The Outdoors

I love walks in the rain, with clouds covering the sky. It was beautiful. The tires of cars passing by made sloshing noises as they drove over puddles. The many feet walking made wet noises. I could feel the little pinpricks of raindrops as they hit my face. It felt wonderful. I could constantly smell wet dirt and grass, my favorite smell in the world. The grass felt soft under my feet, where they softly indented the ground. I felt cold on the outside for most of the time, but I didn’t mind. I was warm on the inside. The water felt cold and welcome on my feet, though I know I will regret that later. It felt right at the moment. I could hear many birds singing. The breeze felt wonderful on y face. The ground was uneven beneath my feet, but I kept my balance.

When we reached the pavement, it felt strange. My feet missed the feel of dirt and grass. I felt unnaturally heavy, like my feet were reaching down for the ground beneath the pavement. My body wanted to root itself to the ground. Music played in the truck outside the school, giving the end of our walk a kind of exit music and bringing me back. I didn’t want it to end. Out there I could let go and pretend I didn’t have any responsibilities. It was a magical world.

Now I feel relaxed and wonderful, though I am wet and still have another class to do. That doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t trade my little walks in the rain for anything.

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