Time Travel Mini Vacation

     I hope that everyone was being as mindful of the earth worms as I was. That has always upset me. They leave the ground, their home, in the rain because the ground is flooding. Then when they make it outsafely to the surface they got stepped on or ran over. They escape death only to find it waiting on the surface. How pathetic is that? There is no purpose in that. Life is random, full of disillusionment and disappointment.

     My shoes were wet. As usual, today I didn’t wear socks. I never wear socks. Why? I can’t keep them in pairs, and I always lose them. The sock monsters in my wahser and dryer are well fed.

     I love the smell of rain, I love the smell of spring. Honestly, I just love being outside. Being out there, as close to a well populated area as it was, reminded me me of my grandparents house. When I was younger I would wander around the property for hours. Jumping over creeks, balancing on logs and fallen trees (that sometimes happened to fall over creeks). I remember throwing rocks and sticks in the water. Making up random role playing imaginarygames where I was the heroin, and my sister, to her dismay, was the damsel in distress. The smells, the crunch and bounce beneath my feet bring me back to that, like a time traveling mini vacation to my childhood. That would be ideal vacation. Returning to the simplicity of childhood. Your only care being when your parents called you back in for the evening.

       Walking is risky business. When you are in that limbo between lifting your foot and planting it, anything can happen. Most of the time you make it, but there are those rare instances where you trip. We forget the adventure that is walking. As babies, learning to walk, it is incredibly thrilling. By the time we reach kindergarden it becomes innate. We lose the sense of excitement with each step we take. So, most certainly now, as adults we have forgotten the miracle of walking. As adults we have become desensitized to most of life’s simple wonders. Again, a time travel vacation to childhood is looking pretty good.

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