Writing Down the Bones entry: My Morning

This morning I woke up to my mother yelling down the hall to me. She asked me if I was going to Jaxon’s wrestling meet, and I said yes. Went back to sleep. Woke up again to the sound of the bus going by. I tried going back to sleep, but ended up just laying there until my alarm clock went off. I set if for another ten minutes. Goes off again. I think about just skipping class again. Who needs to learn about math that early in the morning anyways? They will never miss me. But I can’t. I skipped on Thursday on accident, and I know I have a test coming soon.

I get up and my cat follows me to the bathroom. I get ready the same way I do every morning. I go eat a bowl of cereal while my cat keeps trying to get to the milk. I do some of the homework, run out of time, and leave. I feel like falling asleep on the drive. Why didn’t I just stay home? Pete texts me on the drive. I pull in the parking lot and sit in his truck while he waits for Elliot. I think about skipping and hanging out with them, but he has a really small truck. I sit down in stats and I feel the need to just lie my head down and go to sleep on my desk. I leave to go to the bathroom just to stay awake. Finally we are doing our writings and then I can leave. I hand in my paper, pick up my coat, grab my purse, pick up my books. I come to the mindful living class and sit down. Not very many people show up. We end up not doing meditation. That is fine with me since I seriously would have fallen asleep no matter what I tried. Now we are writing for an excercise out of Writing Down the Bones. Even now my eyelids feel heavy. I wish I was a morning person. That would make life so much easier. But it is hard to sleep when Dragon Age II is in the Xbox just waiting to be played!

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