A.D.-..Ooh Shiny!

I have always had trouble staying on task. I start one task, and in the process of that task, get distracted by another task and I begin that. It’s an endless line of unfinished tasks. So, even though I  know this goes without saying, I have always had a problem with studying. In order to complete a study guide that would take a reasonably focused person an hour to complete, it takes me at least two hours…and that’s on a good day.

Since I began meditating I have noticed that I can sit down and focus for an extended period of time, well for me. I can honestly sit down for an hour and study. Without the countless distractions that get in the way of me studying, I notice that study guides are magically getting shorter. I have also noticed that it helps most when I meditate right before I plan to study. I know what everyone is thinking, “Duh, Dilana, that’s the point.” Regardless, this discovery has proved to be very helpful. I can now breeze through study guides with ease, with minimal distraction. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not frantically jumping around screaming “I’m cured! I’m cured!” as though I were one of those people who are saved on televangelist programs. I know that my concentration problems haven’t been completely erased by some latin and a slap on the forehead. However, I have noticed great improvement. Specifically I’ve noticed great improvement in my ornithology class. My last test score was a 93%, which has been my highest score to date. This steady rise in test scores is the result of my improved study habits, which has been caused by heightened concentration, and that has only meditation to thank for that.

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