Can I Mindfully Smoke a Cigarette?

Can I be mindful of myself and those around me while puffing on tobacco? This is a tough question for me because I know smoking is bad. It’s a habit I started about a year ago and I know I should quit, but I am not ready to give it up just yet. So I decided to try to be mindful about it. I pay attention to when and where I am smoking. Am I just doing it because my friends are all outside smoking? Am I in a public location where children and non-smokers are going to have to walk through the smoke? If the answers are no, there are not non-smokers around and I am smoking because I want the cigarette, then I will continue to light up my Marlboro Medium 72s. I try to feel exactly what I am doing. Suck in on the cigarette, inhale. Lungs filling, exhale. A small puff of smoke exits my mouth, swirling and rushing off into the sky where it completely disappears in the wind. My body looses tension as the nicotine starts courses through my blood. Sigh. I am killing a little bit of myself and for a minute it feels wonderful. Powerful. I should quit, but I am not ready for that feeling to be gone.

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