Mindful Art

So far, mindful drawing has been my favorite class period. In my three years at west shore, I have taken three classes that are actually aimed toward my Studio Art major. Since graduating, art has drained slowly from my life because of exams, papers, rehearsal, work. All of these things that I felt I SHOULD be doing took away from what I genuinely enjoy doing. The one thing that, while I am doing, I sometimes feel like I make sense. Mindfully drawing woke me up again to drawing. For the past two weeks I have gone home every day and, even if it is late, I have sat for a while and would just draw. I am not mindful of what I draw, but the way I draw it. I have always enjoyed crosshatching so every night, I begin by crosshatching very carefully, perfectly parallel and perpendicular lines. I crosshatch random shapes, whatever I feel like, and by the end of an hour or so, it actually looks like something. I have been using a glass pen and several differently colored inks. Before I draw, I choose which color ink I want to use. I have noticed that the colors affect what the final product is and they always make sense together. Pink ink hibiscus, black ink cat, purple and yellow harlequin. I don’t draw this well while I’m looking at something, how can I be this focused on a mind object that I have never even really observed? That I am not even conciously aware of? I guess that is what it means to be compeletly present in drawing, to lose the self and just draw.

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2 Responses to Mindful Art

  1. I try to remain in the now and have never thought about that in regard to creative works, other than meditating for creativity šŸ™‚

    Great to see!

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