Mrs. Wells and cursive handwriting

When asked who wrote in cursive handwriting I was one of three who raised their hand in class. I was taught to write in cursive in second grade and Mrs. Wells was my teacher. I loved this teacher! She was so kind, explained things so easily and smelled so good. I can still remember the smell of her perfume to this day!  When we were first introduced to cursive handwriting we were given green lined paper that had little pieces of wood in it. We had to practice our letters on this paper until the teacher thought we were good enough to graduate to smooth, white, college ruled paper. I was one of the first students to be able to use the white paper and I was so happy! Now after many years of writing in cursive I have to admit that my handwriting has become quite messy. In class, we were shown how the cursive letters were originally written and we were to practice writing them on moleskin paper with fountain pens. We were also taught how to properly hold our pens in our hand to make the letters correctly and help our writing to flow smoothly. This took a bit of effort to relearn how to write in cursive again. This really helped me to be mindful when I write and I appreciate writing in cursive all over again.

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