Remembering – Method of Loci Helps

While I was growing up, I discovered I had a photographic memory! This worked well for me in school. I got excellent grades and tests were really easy. Then in my late teens and early twenties I partied like many young adults do which caused me to lose this wonderfiul gift. I have deeply regetted it over the years. In Mindful Living class we were taught the Method of Loci. We were given a poem to memorize using this method. It works!! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. I am so excited that I have a new way to remember things since I have noticed over the past five to ten years that my memory is not what it use to be, slightly declining. I am hoping that is because I am growing older and nothing else.

I wish all students, no matter what grade they are in, would be taught this method of Loci. I believe it would improve their grades and help them through out their lives.

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