Whats my brain doing!?

So after experiencing meditation for the first couple times I started noticing something that kinda scares me. When I finally get to the point where I feel like I’m empty, that I’m totally focused, it makes me feel like I’m having the onset of a seizure. Being epileptic its hard to explain the feeling you get when a seizure comes on. Its like your whole body is empty and everything kinda falls asleep, you go blank. I get this feeling sometimes during meditation. I know its not a seizure because one hasn’t occurred while meditating but its still scary. I’m not sure if this is part of the effects or what but it would be nice to have some insight to why.

The daily meditation does seem to be helping though. I am more focused and aware of my surrounding afterward. I have actually been producing some really good furniture designs as of late. My ideas are flowing so much better. I am excited to learn more about the practice and open my mind even more! πŸ˜€

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