Losing Sense of the Quietness

All around us everyday, twenty four hours a day there is sounds. Hundreds of sounds, which only a few select ones we here. With the advent of modern age sound is all around us. Humans are losing their sense of hearing, not in the sense of going deaf but in the sense its just one big sound to us. Have you ever stopped and just listened? Listened to the chatter in a restaurant or a hospital waiting room? The conversations taking place, forks scraping plates, the blast of CO2 as a pop is refilled. All these little sounds we are losing out on.

Meditation can help with it. Take a moment and just meditate, empty your mind of all your thoughts, close your eyes, and let the sounds engulf you. New sounds you rarely never hear will be clear as day. The tick of a clock, the clap of a shoe, sounds that are all uniquely different. You have to take the moment to just slow down and recognize the sounds. Let your ears decipher the difference between the jumbled mess of one big noise, and the creative stem of many different sounds.Meditation can help with it. Relaxing yourself and being in a meditative state allows your brain to pick up the sounds more clearly. Your more in tune with what your losing. Sounds are beautiful if you just listen.

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