Progress! Yes!

I have been meditating for 15 minutes on a daily basis now. The nausea has subsided and I am able to fully “zen” out. I have noticed some dramatic changes in my life since I began meditating. I have become much more relaxed and even more logical with my thinking! I haven’t jumped to conclusions as much and my stress levels have well leveled out! I have no reason not to believe these are direct results from the meditation practices. I have tried doing 20 to 25 minutes but I only manage to do a long sit maybe once a week. I have stuck with only doing it for 15 minutes, it seems to be the perfect amount of time for me. I would suggest this practice to anyone who deals with stress and anxiety on a daily basis ( I did ) It does take time to get into though. I started out with just a simple 5 minutes daily worked my way up to 10 and now I am at 15 minutes. I do a different technique each week as well. One week I count my breaths, the next I watch my breathing. My favorite technique thus far is going to my “happy place”. It has the greatest effect on me. When I am having trouble with getting into the meditation that is when I use the counting of the breaths or the watching my breathing. I also switch up my posture each week. Good luck to all who try! I personally have found it to be quite beneficial.

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