Surprisingly dissappointed

I had been anticipating meeting my son’s 5th grade teacher for a couple months now.  We had previous contact via email and she seemed pleasantly warm and passionate about my concerns for my son.  I also got the impression that she considered my ability to guide my son through his road bump in school this year.  That all changed when I finally met her face-to-face.

The assignment was to take a clearing breath, approach a stranger, and carry on a conversation about something in common interest.  My attempt did not go as planned.  I was standing quietly in my son’s room waiting for his teacher to finish telling the kids the homework for the night, when she approached me.  I did not have any time for a clearing breath, but I continued with the experiment.  She informed me that I would be able to take my son out of class 15 minutes early if I wanted to.  I thanked her because that meant that I would not have to rush to my daughter’s preschool class and possibly be late picking her up.  She did not have that warm and fuzzy feeling I was expecting to receive from her though.  Instead, she looked at me coldly as if she did not care what I had going on that day.  I walked away and was kind of disturbed.  Nonetheless,  I gave the approach another attempt.  While my son was getting his things together, I took my clearing breath and approached her again.  We started talking about my son’s concentration level at school and the reason for my concern.  She informed me that she was still having problems with his concentration, but lightly said that she believed that he would come out of it soon.  She had a look of detachment on her face.  I feel as though she did not try to hide the disappointment she had in me.  I also think that she was judging me based on my age and appearance.  But, just because I may seem to look too young to have a 10 year old, does not mean that I take school lightly or do not make it a number one priority.  Maybe I caught her on a bad day.  I will attempt this approach again during parent teacher conferences.

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Bachelor student at West Shore Community College.
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