Meeting New People

It has always been hard for me to go up to new people and introduce myself. Obviously I was not to excited about our assignment to introduce ourselves to one new person. I was walking down the sidewalk after class and coincidentally also was the guest we had in class that day. I of course walked into class a little late that day and did not get a chance to meet her. So I took a deep breath as instructed and I spat something about the weather getting better and hopefully it staying that way for a little bit longer. The rest came natural because she was such a down to earth woman. I think just about anyone would have something to talk about with this particular peson. We went from the topic of my son going trick or treating to my son learning spanish to her working at a migrant head start in the past. Everything in our conversation just kinda flowed. My mother too had worked at a migrant head start a few years ago. I thought it was pretty ironic that this woman new so much about the migrant head start and that I did too. My time was running short we exchanged names and I went on my way. Walking away I felt confident in myself that I did have it in me to go out there and introduce myself to new people.

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