A completed journey

Gloom and despair, cold and cloudy, the day embraces us.  Even in misery there is life.  Everywhere the green is surviving. It is thick and matted down by the weight of the dew.  All different varieties.  Carefully placing my feet, I step on each type.  Trying not to destroy their beauty.  Winding aimlessly through trees and space, we walk on.  Time is standing still, or so it seems.  This adventure is breathtaking.  Geese fly in somewhat of a “V” formation as they try to get to their winter destination.  Their honking alarms shoot through the sky.   Over the bank and through the meadow we trudge on.  Brown lifeless form remains.  They will be back in full bloom soon. I think to myself, “my mom loves Queen Anne’s Lace.”  Even in a time of death, life holds on.  A brown tree grasps every one of his leaves. He won’t let them hit the ground only to be snatched from him in the wind.  He stands firm and tall through it all.  The ground is weak and moist. Every step has me bonding with the Creator. My eyes gaze upon awestruck wonder.  I see nature and human combining themselves.  Their extremities mingled together to create art.  A pile of broken branches and a bare tree, or what’s left of him, displaying his naked body to the world.  I have set my eyes on beauty.  I should care to go home now. Throughout my travels I noticed a lot of disappointment, abuse and neglect.  How can one do such a thing? The cold is starting to tempt my senses now.  My wet feet, cold hands, red ears and face are all a sign of defeat.  We have only walked for a few minutes, but it is too cold to bare.

About htaibl1

Bachelor student at West Shore Community College.
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